Family and Succession Law

Since the firm was founded, CASALS ABOGADOS has been advising its clients in all their personal matters. the firm specializes in areas such as family law and succession law, always offering a professional approach and a friendly and personal treatment to the client.


CASALS ABOGADOS has a Family Law department with extensive experience in this field of the law, especially in the following areas:

  • Legal advice in separation and divorce proceedings
  • Application for and adoption of provisional measures in these types of proceedings
  • Proceedings to amend separation and divorce rulings
  • Sentence enforcement in cases of failure to pay alimony, failure to abide by parental access arrangements, etc.
  • Proceedings over disputes in the exercise of parental authority
  • Advice on civil partnership disputes
  • Disqualifications and measures to control and restrict the capacity to act (tutorship and guardianship)


CASALS ABOGADOS offers a wide range of legal advisory services in relation to testate or intestate inheritance, our primary goal being to find an effective solution to the complex issues that arise with regard to successions, particularly the challenges that arise in the cases of mortis causa transfers in family businesses.

  • Advice and planning of legal and taxation aspects of succession and the preparation of wills and testamentary provisions
  • Planning generational changes in company ownership; establishing family business protocols
  • Contesting notarized wills and inheritance actions of all kinds
  • Determination and integration of the hereditary estate, contesting testamentary provisions and the division of the inheritance
  • Attendance of all the formalities necessary for the notarized acceptance of the inheritance, property transfer and registration, and settlement of inheritance tax