Civil Law

CASALS ABOGADOS provides professional advice at early negotiation stages trying to reach agreements, as well as in the litigation stage in case no agreement is reached.

Casals Abogados offers its clients integral and continuous legal advice to help them define and establish the most appropriate contractual framework for their needs in every area relating to civil and private law, most notably:

  • Real estate transactions: buying and selling, exchanges, development rights, mortgages and other property ownership rights
  • Composition of civil and commercial contracts
  • Matters relating to horizontal property law, owners’ associations and the division of common property
  • Matters relating to the ownership, possession, transmission and administration of property
  • Analysis and drawing-up of general contracting terms and conditions
  • All kinds of issues and disputes relating to agency, distribution, concession and franchise contracts
  • Negotiation proceedings for all kinds of contractual terminations and settlements
  • Proceedings concerning the validity, interpretation and execution of civil and commercial contracts
  • Matters concerning debt payment assurances, collateral and guarantees to ensure compliance with all manner of obligations.Out-of-court claims and pre-contentious negotiations with insurance companies to cover all manner of incidents